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As we know because of the image "Dae Kwae Do" from 1846, taekkyon already existed at the time. It is probably much older, but the exact age is not known. It is also unknown, when taekkyon got the look which it has today. Also, the kind of techniques which were used before approx. 1800 are unkown.

However, in the 19th century (1800 - 1900), taekkyon must have looked very similar to what was passed down to us by Song Dok-ki.

The Daekwaedo also tells us that competition has been very important in Taekkyon at that time already. This is a major difference to most traditional asian martial arts: In taekkyon, competition and real fighting practice have always co-existed.

More information, including images and photos, on taekkyon's history is available in German in our German Section.

Information is also available at http://www.taekkyon.or.kr/en/ English flag.

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