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Information about Taekkyon
song_interview_translation_EN_DE deutsche Flagge englische Flagge new! .pdf (76,0 kB) | .odt (17,0 kB)
A rough translation from Korean to English by Michael Pederson; from English to German by Hendrik Rubbeling.
From the television show 문화강좌 (Culture Seminar) about Korean national treasures.
Song Duk-ki was 91 when this interview was given (in 1984)
Added: 2007-04-01
Taekkyon-Begriffe deutsche Flagge .pdf (12,4 kB)
Korean terms for workout.
Taekkyon-Flugblatt deutsche Flagge .pdf (22,2 kB)
Flyer with short information.
Taekyon JOAMA englische Flagge .pdf (1,98 MB)
"The History and Development of Tae kyon", 1993 by Robert W. Young
This is a long text about taekkyon which was published in the "Journal of Asian Martial Arts". It contains both examinations about the birth and old history of Taekkyon and a detailed describtion of its development until the present. Moreover, it includes some rare information about Song Duk Ki and other taekkyon masters.
Publishing of this article (in the internet) needs the explicit permission of the author.
Added: 2005-10-23
TN-Lexikonartikel deutsche Flagge .pdf (3,55 MB) | .doc (3,30 MB) | .sxw (3,26 MB)
An article about Taekkyon with pictures. Ein Taekkyon Lexikonartikel mit Bildern
Added: 2004-05-10
Zum_Begriff-Taekkyon- deutsche Flagge .pdf (20,6 kB)
Explanation about the transcription out of the Korean.
There are 112 possibilities! Which one is the best?

Information about D.T.Z.
Name_DTZ deutsche Flagge .pdf (38,5 kB) | .doc (21,5 kB) | .sxw (9,35 kB)
How the name "Deutscher Taekkyon Zirkel" arose.
Added: 2004-03-31
name_dtz_eng englische Flagge .pdf (30,2 kB) | .doc (21,0 kB) | .sxw (7,70 kB)
How the name „Deutscher Taekkyon Circle” came into existance
Added: 2004-03-31
Zeitungsartikel koreanische Flagge .pdf (5,51 MB)
Newspaper article about Hendrik Rubbeling in Korea (in Korean).
Added: 2004-03-31
Zeitungsartikel_dt-trans deutsche Flagge .pdf (55,1 kB) | .doc (23,0 kB) | .sxw (8,59 kB)
Transcription from the Korean newspaper article into German.
Added: 2004-03-31
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